The Science of Moisture Mitigation in Garage Flooring

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In Western Colorado, particularly around Grand Junction, the unique combination of dry air and sudden rain can pose challenges for garage floors. You might think the arid climate keeps the moisture at bay, but water still gets trapped beneath concrete surfaces all the time. That leads to serious issues like the peeling and delamination of coatings.

Why does this happen? Concrete is porous and water wicks up through it in a process called moisture vapor transmission. Over time, it creates a hydrostatic pressure caused by trapped moisture that pushes up against the coating. Picture a bunch of moisture rising up from the earth—if the first (primer) coating hasn’t properly bonded to the concrete slab, the moisture will eventually push through your formerly pristine garage floor.

If you rushed the installation and insisted on a one-day job, it often happens within the first year! Why? Because they use a quick-curing polyurea direct-to-concrete. In the presence of medium to high moisture, a quick-curing polyurea cures faster still (in under an hour) and has little time to properly penetrate and bond with the concrete. Under these conditions, contractors should use a moisture mitigating epoxy as the primer coat.

Unfortunately, many DIY enthusiasts and quick-fix contractors skip the moisture mitigation process and suffer the consequences.

Professional installers in the Grand Junction area conduct comprehensive moisture assessments. They look for signs like efflorescence and dark spots, using calibrated moisture vapor transmission meters for accurate readings (science!). If medium to high moisture levels are detected, a moisture-mitigating epoxy primer is applied. The primer’s deep penetration provides a solid base for the flake broadcast and dual protective layers of polyaspartic that follow.

In this part of the U.S., garages often double as workshops, storage areas, and recreational spaces. A durable, moisture-resistant garage floor enhances the usability of these multipurpose spaces, allowing homeowners to fully enjoy their properties without worrying about floor damage (and the headaches that come with it).

Skip the need for repairs—spend a couple days on your garage floor installation and you won’t be worrying about moisture damage six months out.